About Sakura Akitas

For the past 20 years, I have been active in breeding/showing, behaviour modification and training, and rescue. I am certified in dog training and behavior consulting (Dip. DTBC, Dip. ADT). I have bred top Boxer show dogs and rescued American Akitas (usually just called "Akitas" in North America) from the ARWNY organization, one of which became my partner in training serious dog aggression cases; his name was Yoshi. People told me it could not be done; "American Akitas are dog aggressive" they said.

Thank you Yoshi for proving them wrong. I have followed a dream to one day breed the true Akita-Inu also known as the Japanese Akita, and thanks to Mr.Yamaguchi (Japan) and Mr. Ben Herrera (U.S.A.), I proudly present SAKURA AKITAS.